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NIBA Members!

Musicians are needed for Mendota Railroad Days and the Sycamore Steam Show both start around 10 am. 

The NIBA Festival is on July 16th . We are looking for someone to chair the Festival this year. Please let me know if you are willing to pitch in in any way. We have some great bands! There will again be camping Friday and Saturday nights with lots of jamming! Come out for a great day and enjoy the music, jammin’ and friendship!

Another amazing Frankfort Festival is July 9-10! If you have never been, it’s an absolute must! Three stages and lots of fabulous  bands. Most importantly it FREE!

There are so many festivals happening all around the Tri-State area. I try to list many of them, but 

The NIBA is looking for someone who would be interested in either taking over the newsletter or being a contributor to its content. 

Local Bluegrass events and happenings and/or any festivals/concerts you may have been to are great material to share. Some folks have written songs, opinion pieces and poems. Use your imagination! If it is appropriate, we will publish it.

Kim Kraemer 
President, Northern Illinois Bluegrass Association


NIBA Board


· President:           Kim Kraemer    (815-383-9329)


· Vice President:   Ted Seed         (815-246-6333)


·  Treasurer:            James Kardelis (708-633-9854)


· Secretary:           Margaret Seed  (815-246-6333)



Board Members

William Seed            815-252-4673

Mellisa Nickel           815-228-9856

Joe Michelotti           630-290-1675





Please make all submissions for this newsletter by the 15th of each month to Send all printed copy and photos to:  NIBA, PO Box 495, Ottawa, IL 61350. This newsletter is copyrighted by the NIBA. 


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